Litigation Managers

While work of judges and lawyers is visible, there is a battery of court managers, administrators, lawyers' clerks who ensure that the work proceeds smoothly. They are the invisible backbone of the system. Naturally, their problems are more grave but always neglected. Once in a while the problems which go on piling up reach a bursting point, and again, it is this backbone which takes the beating. This page aims at not only providing a space to share their woes, but also to attempt to address those issues by inculcating problem solving skills in this group.

At the top, the court managers or administrators grope in dark in matters concerning budgets, accounting, audit, inventory control, infrastructure and resource management, more acutely, human resource management. This is because existing court administrators have neither training nor exposure to these areas of learning. And the court managers appointed in some courts could not be fully assimilated in the system. Would it be too ambitious for to provide a course in court management and administration? If good Samaritans help, this should be possible.
In addition to this, we would begin with the usual menu of "How to's" for court staff at lower levels as follows:
How to:

Support personnel in lawyers' offices too could spell out "How to's" which may be relevant for them.