Called to the BAR

The Bar beckons youngsters to an exciting career with no investment other than intellectual preparedness. Luminaries at the Bar, dealing with celebrity clients, hogging limelight in media, propel youngsters to take this path, not knowing that intellectual preparedness involves investment of a lifetime and is harder to achieve than investment in realty and tangibles. With the institution of seniors vanishing and the bar table disintegrating in chambers, new entrants to the bar have a real hard time to imbibe lawyering skills.

Through these pages we seek to build up those skills with the help of seniors who care to share their experience, who believe in building up a intellectually a strong bar, who believe in sharing the wealth of their knowledge with new entrants. Articles of experienced judges and lawyers on topics of importance would regularly appear on these pages.
There are many questions that bewilder a new entrant, like, How to:

We hope the viewers would add many more to the list and also provide answers, which in turn would evoke comments and get refined with inputs from everyone.
In addition to open forum for the above "How to's" the page would attempt to eventually provide small courses on specific subjects, with evaluation at the end, for those who wish to pursue systematic study.
We would also endeavour to organize quiz contests, drafting contests and so on.