Ascent to the Bench

Young lawyers today are lured by the glitter of corporate world and law firms, not knowing that judicial services not only provide excellent career options, but also provide attractive emoluments package, not to speak of stability and respectability as a judicial officer.

For quite some time, the Bombay High Court had been finding it difficult to get adequate number of qualified young lawyers to be appointed to hold judicial offices. Responding to the call by the Bombay high Court, and particularly Hon. Shri Justice Abhay Oka, the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa has taken a welcome initiative to ensure that young and promising advocates opt for judicial service.

The Bar council of Maharashtra and Goa has brought out a booklet on "Judicial Service as Career". Bar councillors launched programs in several district places to prepare young lawyers for appearing at recruitment tests for judicial offices. These efforts did bear some fruits. Encouraged by those results, the Bar Council decided to systematise the efforts and decided to launch this program for training young lawyers for ascent to the judicial offices. Advocate Generals of Maharashtra and Goa, Shri Aney and Shri Nadkarni, as well as busy Senior advocates at the Bar wholeheartedly welcomed this initiative and have offered to share their rich experience and knowledge in spite of their very busy schedules.

Ekalavya too had started providing preparatory material to enable young lawyers to successfully appear at recruitment tests. Some excerpts from the publication, "Judicial Service as Career". painstakingly penned by Hon. Shri Justice Dabholkar had been reproduced. Ekalavya had promised to provide information about various coaching activities conducted by the Bar Council, Bar Associations and others for the benefit of aspirants to judicial service. Ekalavya is proud to be associated with the efforts of the Bar Council. We would also attempt to webcast speeches of judges and senior lawyers. Interactive sessions to enable participants to have their doubts resolved are also on the agenda. Mock tests and interviews would be periodically conducted to enable aspirants to continually evaluate their own progress. And most importantly, the site also aims at helping aspirants to find out if they have the aptitude and qualities for becoming judges through small tests.