Adorning the Bench

An officer presiding over a court does not decide cases in loneliness of his cabin or chamber. She delivers justice in full public gaze. She cannot act alone. She has to act as the leader of a team comprising of lawyers, litigants, court employees, witnesses, police officers and of course the common man. All stake holders, or rather participants have to act put up a well practised coordinated cohesive act as the girls in the video do.
Watch this video:

And now imagine what effort must have gone in to put such an elegant performance. If any one of those girls delays her response by one second, the whole show would be flop. Now recall what happens in courts. Participants in a judicial process rarely keep time and the whole performance flops. Even if ultimately the judge does deliver justice after a number of dates -failed attempts- it is often attended by a lot of frowning, exchanges of angry glances and words and lacks elegance. Is it impossible to put up a cohesive elegant act? Let us at least give a try.

In order to ensure that performance of a judge as leader of his team is flawless, we would have a forum to discuss :